Gene Shan

Beijing Office Manger

I was born and have lived in Beijing for 40 years. I have worked in this industry since my graduation, so I have plenty of experience. I’m familiar with all kinds of interview progress, and have done many research projects, the clients are satisfied with my work.

> Describe your current role at the agency and your responsibilities
  I’m the manager of the Beijing office. I’m primarily responsible for all the projects in Beijing including subcontracting and monitoring agents’ work, and daily management as well as maintenance of client relationships.

>How would you describe your agency's culture
  I will describe our company by using one word ‘harmony’. Our company has a good management system. Our colleagues collaborate with and help each other. Our management takes care of us and provides us with guidance, support and advice.

> What is the most fulfilling aspect about your work
  To be praised by clients when finishing a highly difficult project.

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